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The WRITE AWAY Collection features six PVC-free polyurethane patterns providing the new Writer’s Block ink resistant technology. Patterns Berkshire, Bolero, Cascade, Longhorn, Palermo and Rift are uniquely designed to provide advanced performance and durability.

These coated fabrics are constructed from a 100% polycarbonate base and top skin resulting in the highest quality polyurethane available. This collection offers a unique repel & release stain inhibiting technology. A dual action topcoat prevents ink and other stains from setting into the material and allows for easy cleaning, even after long periods of time.

WRITE AWAY also withstands high dilutions of bleach or Isopropyl alcohol so that any potential residue that may exist can be cleaned off easily. The fabrics have a recovery rate of 95% and 7-year hydrolysis.

Comprised of 90 SKUs in a harmonized palette of distinctive neutrals and brights, the collection offers a multitude of design choices including leather, skin and organic design embossing.