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The Want Not Collection offers a comprehensive range of solution dyed nylon fabric options. Five versatile designs feature classic motifs along with textual coordinates.

The fabrics employ 50% pre-consumer recycled solution-dyed nylon carpet materials in their constructions, thus keeping scraps as well as chemical waste out of the landfill.

Aurora features a classic ottoman design that employs solution dyed nylon chenille for added texture. The result is a tough fabric that is also soft and luxurious. Aurora serves as coordinate to Circumference, Evolve and Matrix, or, makes a statement on its own. The color palette is comprised of a variety of neutrals, along with earth tones like Granite and bright shades of Poppy and Emerald.

Circumference is based on a complex graphic design and makes a bold statement both in pattern and color. An interesting interplay of weaves is cleverly used to integrate circles and rectangles in a large-scale grid. Neutral combinations of gray and taupe along with more whimsical combinations of purple and turquoise form a comprehensive color palette.

Evolve features an organic design with an allover leaf and vine motif. Weave effects create dimension. The use of boucle creates a linear aspect along with added texture. The color palette offers soft, earthy colors like Oatmeal and Flax as well as rich jewel tones such as Amethyst and emerald.

Groundworks takes fine textural elements along with subtle patterns to create a heathery look. Colors are chameleon like with interesting combinations of Granite, Cobblestone and Midnight. The versatile palette serves as the perfect coordinate to Circumference, Evolve and Matrix as well as many existing Mayer items.

Matrix features an abstract geometric grid pattern. Matrix offers versatility and flexibility as a coordinate to Circumference and Evolve, or as a main attraction. The palette offers deep, rich colors such as Emerald, Vineyard and Aubergine.