Walk in the Park

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The Walk in the Park Collection features three new privacy curtain fabrics, Enliven, Meadowland and Spring Breeze. This collection offers new dimension in pattern and color.

Enliven is an elegant fabric that features a contemporary allover pattern.  Enliven is suitable for privacy curtain use, drapery and bedspreads.  A wide range of colors from Ecru to Turquoise offers a multitude of healthcare options from neutral to bright. 

Meadowlands is a large scenic landscape design that features botanical references to nature. A lightly textured ground helps to integrate the many elements and subtle colors in this beautiful textile. Colors such as Lavender, Sky, Marsh and Autumn are soothing and tranquil. It is shown railroaded.

Spring Breeze is a fun contemporary pattern with an organic motif layered with undulating stripes. A variety of weaves lend subtle textural elements to an overall satin feel. Colors range from neutral Cumulus to vibrant Rainbow. Spring Breeze is constructed from antimony-free Eco Intelligent Polyester.