Collections / Quibit

The Qubit Collection pulls inspiration and imagery from all forms of communities and groupings, as well as biological images related to brain function, thought process and production. The color palette for Qubit was conceived based on industry standards but mixed with contemporary accents to bring a fresh face to the workplace. The use of an extensive natural yarn palette, cotton in his case, allowed us to bring the concepts for the color story to fruition.

The combination of durable nylon and cotton results in a beautiful quality, clear colors and high-performance fabrics. The addition of INCASE, an environmentally-friendly stain repellent and anti-microbial treatment, gives these fabrics the added performance characteristics necessary to make them suitable for all markets.

Ascension features a contemporary stripe inspired by the complexity of integrated circuits and technological inner workings. “Stair-stepped’ to inspire forward thinking, the use of small design details and a complex construction result in a clear, crisp, rendering of this pattern. Ascension is available in fun, vibrant colors such as Spic, Limelight, Rouge and Lemon Drop.

Facets is a geometric pattern with a hand-drawn appearance and a usable scale. A subtle textural construction helps achieve the “static vs. organic” design objective. The fresh natural palette featuring colors like Honey, Wasabi, Turquoise and Tumeric make this fabric even more distinctive.

Juncture was inspired by and emulates Ikat, one of the oldest forms of textile decoration, and a universal weaving style among world cultures. Combining new and old concepts, Juncture’s design elements are represented by complex weaves in this uniquely dramatic textile rendering. Color combinations have brush stroke appearance reminding one of abstract art.

Synapse was inspired by neurons and synapses firing! The result is a bold graphic motif interpreted as an amorphous allover design. Colors are crisp and clear, causing Synapse to take on a new modern classic look.