Collections / Panel

The classic Panel Collection fabrics lighten up to paint a brighter work environment while taking it easy on budgets. Sustainable attributes are intact as well with Basic being 100% recycled polyester, and Fresco and Strata 65% recycled polyester. These patterns can be used in any vertical application from wrapped panels to wall-mounted track systems. They are all made in North America, are exclusive to Mayer Fabrics and GREENGUARD certified.

Basic becomes our only solid piece-dyed pattern, a crepe weave, available in 13 colors. The neutral coloration lends itself to multiple color schemes.

Fresco is a non-matching textured pattern which can moonlight as a fancy plain. It’s well-suited for new architecturally designed system furniture and comes in nine colors.

Strata is a subtle horizontal striae pattern inspired by exposed eroded rock formations. Using the same yarns as Fresco, it is available in nine color ways woven in three-color harmony to add interest without distraction