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Mayer Fabrics presents the Lucia Cassa Environmental Collection, featuring four fabrics made with high recycled yarn content. Patterns Array, Botanica, Sashiko and Turnabout, were inspired by simple pleasures and familiar comforting sights and sounds. Sashiko is reminiscent of grandmother’s needlepoint.

Array reminds us of a comfortable chenille sofa. Turnabout emulates woven baskets by the fireplace; and Botanica conjures up fields of flowers on a misty day. Colors range from soft, subtle combinations to vivid jewels. The collection offers not only style and value but also high performance attributes for commercial as well as residential application.

Array is a vertical stripe that serves as a coordinate to both Botanica and Sashiko. A blend of postconsumer recycled polyester and polyester chenille create texture and added dimension in this soft and luxurious, yet high-performance textile. Subtle combinations of gold, red, gray, and green, with intermittent neutrals, create a nice useable range of color options.

Botanica, an allover floral design in a damask-like quality, is constructed from pre- and postconsumer polyester. Special weaves create dimension and added interest. Colors range from neutral to bright with colors like Dew, Sunrise, Laurel, and Lily.

Sashiko features a silky quality embellished with embroidered like details reminiscent of quilting and needlepoint. Masquerading as a delicate fabric, Sashiko is a tightly constructed and rated extreme heavy duty in Wyzenbeek testing. Colors range from neutral Morel, Laurel and Moonlight to jewel tones Blueberry and Rubiat.

Turnabout is a unique recycled fabric featuring an organic design motif in a totally reversible construction. A broad range of colors includes 24 options both face and back ranging from muted Chamomile to vivid Royal Blue. Along with Array, Turnabout serves as a coordinate to patterns Botanica and Sashiko.