Collections / Kimono

Our collection of wool and nylon blends inspired by Japanese Kimono features patterns Katagami, Origami, Geisha, Obi, Samurai and Shibori. Authentic Katagami stencils provided the concepts and motifs for patterns Katagami and Origami, setting a unique design aesthetic for the overall collection. The graphic from a casual, modern day Kimono inspired pattern Shibori which serves as the collection’s statement piece. The end result is a unique and rich collection that is achieved through the interpretation of an age-old textile art form that clearly transcends time and place.

Rich, vibrant colors found in kimono fashion serve as the basis for the color palette: Ao (blue-green), Moegi (sprout green), Ki (the purest yellow), Kuranai (red), Murasaki (purple), Shiro (white) and Kuro (black). The wool used in these fabrics is largely sourced, blended and spun in the United States and the fabrics themselves are dyed and made in North Carolina. A sumptuous Wool Nylon Boucle serves as this enduring collection’s textural complement.

For Geisha, the color, pattern, and style of kimono was dependent on the season and the event she was attending. Our Geisha inspired fabric is both elegant and complex. A modern hour glass motif provides a figural design that is embedded in rich woolen textural elements. The highs and lows lend the fabric both clarity and dimension. Color combinations such as Red Blossom, Chrysanthemum, Midori, Parrot and Japonica are derived from the bright palette associated with traditional Geisha Kimono colors. Geisha is REACH Compliant.*

Katagami is a carved mulberry paper stencil that is used for resist dying on Japanese Kimono. Our fabric, Katagami, is based on an authentic stencil likely from the Meiji period (late 19th century). An open geometric grid constitutes the design of the stencil as well as the fabric, and is achieved through the manipulation of positive and negative spaces. Colors Artemisia, Ginkgo, Grenadine, Cobalt and Pearl Grey are combined with shadowy neutral accents in this sophisticated textile. Katagami is REACH Compliant.*

Obi is a sash for traditional Japanese dress, i.e., Kimono. Obis are categorized by their design, formality, material, and use. Informal obis are narrower and shorter. Our Obi was designed to provide a complementary companion fabric. It can be used as a textural coordinate or stripe to the collection, or stands alone. A fresh color palette ranges from soft shades such as Blue Green, Persimmon Red and Kuchiba, to vibrant colors Poppy and Salvia Blue. As is the case with all of the Kimono Collection patterns, light and dark neutrals provide the foundation. Obi is REACH Compliant.*

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. Our Origami textile literally translates the triangular design featured in our second vintage Katagami stencil. Interpreted as a tonal wool damask of sorts, the construction uses contrasting weaves to create a truly elegant fabric. Bright, happy colors characterize Origami with Vermilion, Paris Green, Bright Marigold and Blue Violet nestled between neutrals Ivory, French Mole and Black Swan. Origami is REACH Compliant.*

Our fabric Samurai, is a classic wool twill in contrasting yarn colors resulting in a tailored menswear look. The standard attire of the samurai was a layering of kimono, with the heavier winter versions exchanged for the lighter summer ones a specific day that signified the change of seasons. Samurai was colored to work as a matching coordinate to the Kimono collection patterns. Combinations range from Paper White to Dark Slate. Samurai is REACH Compliant.*

Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or compressing it. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye. Our Shibori fabric also has the blurred edges associated with Kasuri or Japanese Ikat. Grand in scale and quintessentially modern, Shibori is the collection’s statement piece. The pattern is being offered on a roll basis at this time and features the collection’s most intense color combinations. Shibori is REACH Compliant.*

Wool Boucle is our elegant version of classic wool boucle. Blended and reinforced with nylon which gives the fabric extremely high performance value, Wool Boucle stands alone as well as providing a rich textual addition to the Kimono Collection. Thirteen vivid colors offer striking visual appeal for any interior. The dyestuffs used in the dyeing of Wool Boucle are bluesign approved. Wool Boucle is bluesign® approved.**