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“Finer Points” is a well integrated collection of action plains and architectural patterns woven from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled polyester. Also featured is the collection’s signature pattern, “Monogram,” which is 100% Eco Intelligent (antimony free) polyester. Designed to complement and expand the existing Mayer Environmental program, these versatile, high performance fabrics are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also reasonably priced, making them smart solutions for all market segments. “Finer Points” speak to the refined nature of the collection’s detail-oriented, classic design motifs.

Dazzle features a high-tech look with alternating bright and matte yarns in a tight construction. The dimensional effect of the fabric is created with a high-volume recycled polyester novelty yarn called “lofty”. Dazzle is the perfect surface material for today’s modern styles and ergonomic seating. Colors range from neutral to neon.

Echo features an upscale modern look in a classic contract design. A broad range of colors include new hues such as Chrome Yellow and Kelly Green. The fabric is cationic cross dyed and uses a technique called deflected pick in its construction which lends the textile its textural element. In addition to upholstery application, Echo is approved for vertical use on panels, partitions and tack boards.

Intrigue features a multi-colored, large-scale architectural grid. Intrigue can be used as a statement fabric or as a coordinating plaid to complement Monogram. Its colors are subtle but fresh with combinations such as Aubergine, Fiesta, Mellow and Sky. A nice range of neutrals rounds out the palette. Intrigue is perfect for corporate, education and hospitality interiors.

Meander is based on an abstract organic design that looks like scribbled vines. A subtle striation in the ground creates a horizontal linear design element and added dimensional interest. Perfect for transitional as well as contemporary seating in all markets, colors range from fun and fresh Carmine and Jonquil to jewel tones Bluebell, Aubergine and Poppy.

Monogram inspired by the sewing notions of haberdashery with its novelty motif, Monogram is modeled after the eye of the needle. Monogram is a great chair pattern with its relatively small scale but interesting design ideal. The fabric is woven from antimony free polyester thus creating another angle to the environmental story of the “Finer Points” collection.

Reverb is the perfect task seating fabric and features a spirograph like energetic pattern with a finely textured weave in the ground. Subtle color combinations make for an interesting coordinate with subtle contrast so the Reverb is not just a plain. The palette is diverse ranging from Ecru to Graphite and complements Meander and Intrigue.

Shantung features a great coordinating plain that works as a complement to this collection as well as others such as Wabi Sabi and Ecosphere. Emulating silk, Shantung is perfect for corporate, retail and hospitality application. A broad color line encompasses neutrals, jewel tones and fashion colors such as Hibicus.

Vibrant is a fabulous modern matelassé with a little bit of stretch. Weave variation adds even more texture to this dense construction. Colors are classic in value with the focus once again on good neutrals and jewel tones creating timelessness in this innovative fabric.