Collections / Affinity

The Affinity Collection was engineered for value and versatility and features five patterns: Align, Batik, Patio, Sherlock, and Valet. Designed to target all market segments, including corporate, hospitality, healthcare, senior living and education interiors, the Affinity collection offers small to medium scale patterns interwoven with textural elements at excellent price points. Color direction features new combinations such as Sea Salt and Vellum, Citron and Limeade, Seaworthy and Cyberspace. Affinity represents Mayer’s ongoing commitment to providing well designed, economical fabric choices from domestic textile suppliers. All of these Mayer original fabrics are made from 100% polyester in the United States and include stain repellent.

Align features an architectural grid of circles and lines with subtle background striation. A nice modern design motif offers widespread appeal for all markets. The pattern is shown railroaded but can also be used in a horizontal direction if desired. A rich color palette offers soft as well as vibrant combinations featuring options such as Fruit Punch, Honeycomb, Oasis and Tatoo.

Batik features a wood block style leaf design in a medium scale. Architectural yet organic, the pattern can go anywhere and is ideal for a variety of seating styles. The color palette is comprised of both soft and sultry colors and include new color ideas such as Bamboo, Ember, Seaworthy and Cyberspace.

Patio features a great basic geometric grid that is perfect for everything from task seating to hospitality desk chairs. Standing on its own or working as a coordinate to the rest of the collection, Patio will be a “go to” fabric for all market segments needing value priced yet smart looking textile solutions. A broad color line features happy colors Sunshine, Oceanic and Coral Reef for starters.

Sequel refreshed with eight new colors that work nicely with the Affinity Collection patterns, this classic linen-like fabric serves a beautiful coordinating plain or stands alone. New colors are Jonquil, charcoal, Indigo, Eggplant, Mango, Cyan, Forest and Pear. Sequel is also available as a Crypton with the pattern name “Finale.”

Sherlock is our style has value version of a classic hounds tooth design. Even on a budget, luxurious texture is incorporated into the construction. Since Sherlock is Bespoke inspired by men’s suiting, colors are classic with combinations such as Charcoal, Sable, and Key Board black. Color like Mint and Mandarin offer new interpretations.

Valet displays a small-scale geometric mingled with lots of texture at a great price. Rich jewel tones, earthy mid tones and soft neutrals create a broad color palette with everything from Pearl to Sultry. New takes on gray include Oyster and Cypress with a trendy olive hue. Along with Sequel, Valet serves as the collection’s versatile coordinate.