Introducing the Waste Not Collection of Repreve® Solution-Dyed Nylon

“Waste Not” was so named because it utilizes recycled yarn made from pre-consumer nylon waste that would otherwise go into a landfill. This proprietary process took years to develop and is third-party monitored and verified.The production of Repreve® offsets the need to produce virgin polyester and nylon, therefore conserving petroleum based resources. On average, cur­rent annual production of Repreve® is estimated to save the equivalent of 6 million gallons of gasoline. The collection features four high-performance fabrics that are UV resistant, bleach-cleanable, recycled and recyclable.

Avenue is a fabulous stripe that complements Circuit, Detail and Wildflower. Fine detailing is created through weave effects. Available in 10 color combinations, Avenue blends healthcare and hospitality hues of aloe, aquamarine, topaz, grape and mimosa with contrasting neutrals mushroom, camel and taupe. Avenue is shown railroaded and is intended to be used as a vertical stripe.

Circuit  features a whimsical abstract design created by a grid of energetic dots. Because Circuit is comprised of small components, it is perfect for a variety of chair styles from task seating and guest chairs to sofas, gang seating and banquettes. Colors range from soft shades of spa and butterscotch to rich values indigo and bittersweet.

Detail is a great little go-with pattern that serves as the coordinating plain for patterns Circuit and Wild­flower. The construction is an interpretation of a classic nylon design in our new recycled solution-dyed nylon story. Nine versatile colors create the basic color palette for the Waste Not Collection from soft hue spa to bold bittersweet.

Wildflower features an organic design based on a sketched flower motif. Slightly textured yarn is used to weave the graphic on a finely woven ground. This versatile fabric is available in 12 color combinations which include sophisticated neutrals parchment and java, soothing spa and aloe, and unique combinations bittersweet and dusk.

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