Quantum Collection (PREVIEW)

Quantum Collection – Coming Soon!

Vector, Gravity, Static, Molecule, Relativity, Matter

The Quantum Collection features new high-performance fabrics Gravity, Relativity, Static, Matter, Molecule, and Vector. These new textile offerings are perfect for healthcare, hospitality, and other demanding commercial environments where high-performance textiles are a necessity.

Patterns Gravity, Relativity, and Static represent a new and innovative product category of commercial textiles in which a woven textile is chemically bonded with the durable components of a coated fabric.

The technology, trademarked as Tekloom®, is new to the market and uses TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) to create a “fused” or “hybrid” textile for commercial upholstery. The result is an aesthetically beautiful textural quality with the extreme-performance attributes of a coated material.

Patterns Matter, Molecule and Vector are polycarbonate-based, polyurethane-coated fabrics with distinctive emboss and print features. An ultrasonic embossed technique (Molecule) and the use of a layered polyurethane (Vector) make these fabrics technically and aesthetically unique.

Quantum Collection Characteristics:
• Fabrics are ink and stain-resistant + Write Away®
• Impermeable to liquids
• Bleach cleanable (4:1)
• Exceed 1 million double rubs (Tekloom® patterns only)
• Complies with REACH & California 01350 VOC Standard and HHI compliant
• No DMF, Phthalates, FR/Antimicrobial additives or per-fluorinated chemicals

The Quantum Collection will launch in the third quarter of 2020
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The Quantum Collection received the Nightingale Innovation Award in the Fabrics & Textiles category at the 2019 Healthcare Design Expo + Conference.

Healthcare Design Magazine: Jan/Feb Issue 

Jury Comments:

“Great product – the Tekloom products were impressive and a great solution for healthcare.” 

“Superb cleanability properties and excellent sustainability properties, as well. Really like that they are graffiti resistant. Love the color range!”

The Quantum Collection received the Nightingale Innovation Award in the Fabrics & Textiles category at the 2019 Healthcare Design Expo + Conference.

In June 2020, the Quantum Collection was one of the 35 innovative products selected by Metropolis Magazine for their biannual #MetropolisLikes product awards.

“Mayer Fabrics’s high-performance Quantum Collection brings sustainable solutions to healthcare environments. Healthier Hospital Initiative compliant, the fabrics are bleach cleanable and water-resistant while also containing no DMF, phthalates, antimicrobial additives, or chemicals.”

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The Quantum Collection was recognized during the 7th annual Interior Design Magazine HiP Awards in the Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles category.

A conscious solution for healthcare environments and beyond, the Quantum Collection and other high-performance fabrics were presented during the first-ever virtual HiP Awards presented by Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design in June 2020.

HiP Awards Winners 2020