Collections / Wabi-Sabi

The Wabi-Sabi Collection reflects the Japanese aesthetic and Zen concept of finding beauty in things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. The world of Wabi-Sabi encompasses metaphysics, spiritual values, state of mind and moral precepts as well as material qualities. Our patterns represent these concepts through the use of random patterning and simple design elements.

The Wabi-Sabi Collection draws color values primarily from nature featuring earth tones such as brown, gray, black, olive greens and rust while incorporating rich accent colors throughout. Patterns and textures are created through an interesting variety of recycled polyester constructions resulting in a well integrated collection that is suitable for all markets.

Charade was inspired by shapes and elements found in nature. A simple organic motif emulates branches and twigs. Subtle color variation and striation create dimensional aspects. Color combinations feature a mix of ecru, olive green, tarnished gold, brown and black.

Karma features design elements from decorative Japanese tea pots. A variety of weaves create subtle contrast on a twill ground. The result is a usable medium-scale pattern in nine colors ranging from opal to obsidian.

Myriad take design cues from the unevenness of cobblestone streets. Small subtle circular shapes are juxtaposed to form a horizontal linear grid. A variety of recycled yarn types create unique text6ure. Soft color combinations such as brown with indigo, black with gray, and flax with muted blue are drawn from our Wabi-Sabi palette.

Reiki resembles woven screens and mats from Japanese tea houses. A finely detailed pattern intersperses vertical and horizontal linear strokes to create an unusual organic design. Fresh color combinations marry Wabi-Sabi olives, grays and brown with touches of citron, magenta and crimson.

Tangled Web features an asymmetrical organic design in a refined combination of recycled polyester and nylon. The use of a bright yarn creates subtle contrast with the matte ground in colors such as azure, copper, olive and claret.

Venue is a finely textured chenille texture that serves as a coordinating plain for the Wabi-Sabi patterns as well as the Environmental Impact, Ecosphere and Elements collections. Venue is characterized by horizontal ribbing and occasional hints of added color