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Crypton Tapestries and  Textures feature bold, colorful fabrics that remind us of exotic places. Contemporary tapestries with coordinating textures comprise a tightly integrated collection of high performance textiles for healthcare, hospitality, education, corporate and retail environments. Sophisticated neutrals, fresh medium shades and rich jewel tones characterize the overall color line. The fabrics are engineered with Crypton 2.0, the new Crypton formulation that yields a remarkably soft and supple hand and is greener, using bio-based materials and less energy in its manufacturing processes.

Debonair is the newest addition to our fabulous Crypton textures collection and brings a refined, silky appearance to the mix. Colored to work with Nirvana and Xanadu or stand alone as a statement fabric, Debonair is sure to be a winner. It’s also available without Crypton as “Vogue” in the new Thrifty Couture Collection. 

Malibu presents a soft chenille quality with its velvety appearance and luxurious hand. An extensive total of 19 colorways allow Malibu to work beautifully with the multicolored tapestries. The possibilities for specification in healthcare, hospitality, education and residential interiors are endless for this basic yet beautiful textile. Custom colors are available with a minimum order of 300 yards. 

Nirvana features an exotic tapestry inspired by motifs and building types from Ottoman architecture. Contrasting weaves are utilized in this complex construction. Rich, opulent color combinations create dimension which makes this an interesting textile, and a great value. Nirvana is the perfect choice for restaurant and hotel seating, university environments and healthcare interiors. 

Xanadu originates from Shangdu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan empire, and has become a metaphor for splendor and opulence. Our Xanadu features the circle of infinity with its geometry of three-dimensional interlocking spheres in a fun tapestry construction. Multicolored combinations are complemented by coordinates Malibu and Debonair.