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The Spectrum collection, designed specifically to address the industry’s need for inexpensive textured solids available in a wide range of color choices. This collection features 5 dynamic patterns; Prism, Optic, Variant, Continuum and Theory, each working independently and together, to create a full spectrum of 106 colors to be used for both vertical and upholstery applications. “Core” colors, Alabaster, Dove, Zinc, Café Au Lait, Espresso, Stone, Charcoal, Onyx, Ocean, Ink and Lipstick are standard cross market colors and can be found across all 5 color palettes. In addition, colors were culled and added to existing pattern, Foundation10, to coordinate with this new matrix and expand Mayer’s rich color portfolio.

Prism, a simple, small scale geometric reminiscent of a prism’s shape. The tightly woven dobby weave gives Prism its small refractive surface texture. Available in a kaleidoscope of 25 colors ranging from soft neutrals to bolder, more saturated colors.

Optic features a delicate weave choice along with its two tone quality allows the pattern to have interaction with light. Optic is a delightful interplay for the eyes and hand. Available in 16 graphic colors.

Variant, with its pronounced surface interest and cross dyed technique, has a much desired nubby appearance and slightly chunky feel. Available in 15 colors, each with a unique striated effect giving the fabric subtle movement.

Continuum, utilizing a fine slub yarn and basic weave structure, is the perfect choice for a natural linen look. Available in a broad range of 25 colors from sophisticated natural tones to richer colors.

Theory is a modern spin on a classic solid pattern. A two colored heather effect highlights the subtle ground weaves. Available in 25 clean, complex color combinations.