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Light, Hope and Joy! That is the essence of the Positive Thoughts Collection, a concise group of Crypton fabrics inspired by designer B. Jane Barea in support of The Common Thread for the Cure Foundation. The foundation conveys the importance of promoting healing by maintaining a positive attitude. Patterns Big Top, Cuddle Up, Fairy Tales and Positive Thoughts are engineered with Crypton and offer high performance solutions for healthcare interiors.

Big Top  is a textured stripe in nine colors including Candy Apple, Popcorn and Elephant. The Big Top is an expression of the fun and excitement held within.

Cuddle Up is a soft chenille fabric and the words “Cuddle Up” bring forth personal images to everyone—a cold night, a big stone fireplace, an old comfortable chair, a cup of hot chocolate…

Fairy Tales is a large-scale, abstract design that integrates all of the elements of the Positive Thoughts Collection. Fairy Tales provide happy endings to life experiences.

Positive Thoughts, our statement piece, features Light, Hope and Joy in a fabulous double cloth construction reminding us that staying positive is what this is about—stay hopeful for good health, rejoice in all the good days and all the positive memories and experiences, dance in the light that shines on you from those who love you and let your light shine!