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Mayer Fabrics is pleased to introduce Majorelle Collection which draws its inspiration from the enchanted Jardin Majorelle of Marrakech. Starting around 1923, the garden was created over a forty-year period by the French Orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle, who brought back exotic plants and rare species from his world travels.

While wandering through the amazing garden’s maze of trees and exotic plants, designer Kimberle Frost recalls thinking how the lush textures and natural colors found in this unique oasis could be translated into sumptuous textiles. Thus the Majorelle Collection emerged as six distinctive designs characterized by textural blends of synthetic and natural fibers along with a soft hand and excellent performance attributes. Each textile represents an important component of the garden and presents a unique rendering through subtle patterning and color harmonies.

Botany features an interwoven structure of densely packed yarn in colors of flora and fauna such as Hyacinth, Aster, Willow and Spearmint. In a close-up study of this pattern you will find a deliberate structure of a natural linen colored warp with subtle pops of complex colors such as those referenced above.

Landscape features a large-scale design that suggests an aerial view of the Majorelle garden’s topography. Subtly contrasting yarn colors are twisted together in this intricately constructed fabric. Colors are earthy combinations of neutrals in the ground cast with hues of Hosta, Marigold, Salvia and Grass.

Refuge serves as the collection’s lush, chenille-velvet coordinate in 13 opulent colorways. This solid pattern mimics the lush and vividly colored cactus, lilies, jasmine and palm trees of Majorelle. Refuge works as a coordinate or stands alone as an elegant and versatile statement fabric.

Villa features a linear design and classic geometric motif. Small chenille rectangles are connected and layered on a dry cotton/linen ground. The overall effect is a versatile fabric with a nice integration of pattern and textural elements. Earth tones dominate the color palette with hints of Olive, Cornflower, Eggplant, Terra Cotta and Bark.