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Introducing 5 new vinyl patterns offering motifs and unique embossings. Apex, Atomic, Finesse, Interlace and Links are suitable for all seating applications in multiple market segments including healthcare, hospitality, education, restaurants, gaming and corporate. All are bleach cleanable with a clean water rinse and provide maximum durability. Apex, Atomic and Finesse are colored to coordinate with one another. Interlace and Links complement and coordinate well with other upholstery in the Mayer Fabrics offering. All patterns are GREENGUARD Certified, antimicrobial and ink resistant.

Apex is a printed design that features connected geometric diamonds. With its unique design and small scale, this pattern will show off well on any type of upholstered furniture. Offered in brights and neutral color options creating a playful design.

Atomic features a printed design inspired by the Atomium structure. Atomium was the symbol of the 1958 World’s Fair that coincided with the beginning of the atomic age. The bright color options give this pattern a very happy and contemporary feel.

Finesse offers a solid color coordinate to Apex and Atomic with a micro fine grid embossing. Complementary brights and neutrals offer a complete design harmonization.

Interlace features printed interlocking multi color lines that create a grid like pattern. With is playful lines and color options, this pattern gives unique compatibility for many applications.

Links is a solid texture embossing that resembles delicate yet strong chain links often seen in jewelry. The wide range of color possibilities provide an interesting coordinate with all Mayer Fabrics upholstery.