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The Imagine Collection offers a new textile performance category: Sunbrella® Contract with Defiance®. A versatile collection of bleach cleanable fabrics woven from 100% Sunbrella Contract solution-dyed yarns features exceptional UV performance and heavy-duty abrasion resistance. Defiance, a new and innovative healthcare finish inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew. Sunbrella Contract fabrics are also able to achieve fine pattern definition in vibrant colors while maintaining a soft, luxurious hand. The fabrics are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are made in the United States.

Boteh is a large-scale, playful paisley inspired by the woolen shawls from Kashmir and originating from the Persian boteh meaning bush or small tree. Historians link this motif to the significance of the Cypress as a tree of life. Boteh is dramatic in seven color combinations including Orange Blaze and Noir which are perfect for upholstery as well as accessories.

Collage features an eclectic layering effect inspired by new patchwork trends in fashion. The outcome is a useable furniture fabric that works as the main attraction or as a coordinating element to Boteh and Mandala. Colors are vibrant with Crimson and Charcoal, Goldenrod and Flax as well as Wasabi and Emerald combinations.

Infinity is a stylish, multi-colored stripe designed to complement Boteh and Mandala. Because it is engineered for outdoor as well as indoor use, Infinity is perfect for furniture as well as applications such as awnings. Hues of Bronze, Coral, Jade, Jonquil, Flax, Cobalt, Wasabi and Purple create infinite possibilities!- shown railroaded and intended to be used as a vertical stripe.

Mandala features an ornamental design in a concentric structure. An important symbol of Buddhist religion and art, mandala is defined as a geometric design symbolizing the universe. A layered effect results in an illusion of handcrafted quality. Colors are rich and feature Opal, Bronze, Purple Haze and Lapis.

Soleil is an elegant yet simplistic coordinate that works perfectly with Boteh, Collage, Infinity and Mandala. Soleil is a fabric of substantial weight yet has a supple hand, which makes it a unique fabric for indoor or outdoor use. Subtle color combinations give this fabric a slight luminescence. Available in 19 colors that include neutrals as well as highly saturated jewel tones.