Collections / Hemisphere

Inspired by vintage nautical and navigational charts, the Hemisphere Collection features five versatile fabrics with high recycled content and excellent value from both a price and a performance standpoint. The designs center around a theme of linear motifs as seen in patterns Elevation, Latitude and Longitude. Patterns Hexagon and Polygon provide an array of small-scale geometric complements. The clever use of juxtaposed weaves and shading effects creates the appearance of enhanced dimension and complexity in the fabric constructions. Colors incorporate a broad range of warm earth, metal and gem tones. The Hemisphere Collection offers great affordable solutions for upholstery application in all commercial markets.

Elevation is an abstract grid of intersecting lines that form various sets of angles. Shadows that accent the design motif are created using fine weave effects. Due to its allover patterning, this modern geometric is versatile in terms of opportunities for seating application. The color palette consists of refreshing pastels along with deep jewel tones.

Hexagon features a classic geometric pattern with a modern twist. This six-sided, small-scale design provides the textural element for the Hemisphere Collection. Hexagon simulates matelasse at a value price point. The rich saturated colors complement all of the Hemisphere patterns. A bright yarn used as an accent demarcates the pattern giving it a modern look.

Latitude showcases a linear pattern with finely detailed weaves that create a nicely balanced structure of “lines between the lines.” Reminiscent of an ottoman stripe, Latitude is a sophisticated fabric at a great price. Subtle combinations blend shades of earth, water and sky in colors Topaz, Aquamarine, Sterling and Cobalt. Latitude offers many options for all contract environments.

Longitude is a linear fabric superimposed on a finely striped ground. Angles occur at regular intervals in this architecturally pleasing fabric. The use of textured yarns accentuates the layering of the linear design motifs giving the fabric a silky appearance. Longitude’s color palette features classic contract combinations making it perfect for corporate interiors.

Polygon features juxtaposed triangles in a tone-on-tone rendering of a classic chair pattern. A modern twist is created through the use of a shadowing effect achieved with the cross dyeing technique used to color this fabric. The palette is nicely balanced between beautiful warm neutrals and gem tones making this fabric perfect for both corporate and hospitality seating.