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Mayer introduces the Good Vibes Collection, featuring four classic upholstery fabrics that offer versatility, heavy-duty performance characteristics and affordable solutions for commercial projects in all markets. The Good Vibes fabrics use fine weaves and thoughtful details to create a little rhythm and flair. The patterns – Jive, Rumba, Samba and Tango – were designed to be compatible with a variety of our solids and textural complements such as the Spectrum Collection and new Tourist Textures. The Good Vibes fabrics are perfect for carded programs as well as providing a good selection of choices for price sensitive design projects.

Jive is a chevron motif combined with a bright tissue effect produces a jazzy zig-zag in this versatile chair pattern. Classic contract color combinations feature Midnight blue, Bordeaux, Emerald, Pewter and Aubergine hues to name a few. Jive is a great well-price option for corporate as well as hospitality interiors.

Rumba features a versatile chair pattern in which interwoven warp and weft yarns create an abstract linear grid.  Careful layering produces dimension and sophistication in this affordable fabric. Color combinations include warm and cool neutrals such as Bisque, Abalone and Butterscotch along with earthier tones Fossil and Char.

Samba features a random swirl motif woven on a textured ground. Motifs are layered in order to create dimension in a tried and true classic design. Jewel and gem tones form the basis of the Samba color line and include vivid shades of Cerulean, Emerald, Persimmon and Burgundy.

Tango features a multi-colored, modern geometric design for seating application in all markets. A lot of look for the money with great performance value, Tango features a tight, intricately woven yarn construction. The color palette is fresh and fashion forward with a great foundation of neutrals and touches of rose, coral and cerulean blue.