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Mayer is pleased to introduce a comprehensive new Crypton® collection featuring two signature multi-colored patterns along with three coordinating textures. The graphics of patterns Fanfare and Viewpoint are Art Deco inspired and are reminiscent of the bold, bright colors associated with Fiestaware. Reveal offers a high-tech action plain look in a broad range of saturated colors. Cosmopolitan and Lavish provide elegant velvety textures with a soft, luscious hand. The Fiesta Crypton® Collection offers affordable, high-performance solutions for the healthcare, senior living, hospitality, education, retail and corporate markets.

Cosmopolitan is a sophisticated Crypton velvet in a usable color palette that ranges from soft neutrals such as Ecru and Chalk to rich earth tones like Saffron and Horizon. The fabric is luxurious yet still offers high-performance characteristics making it a winner for hospitality, senior living, education and corporate interiors.

Fanfare features a playful geometric pattern in a broad range of multi-colored options. Bright splashes of crimson, turquoise, cobalt, marigold, emerald green and harvest gold prevail throughout the fiesta inspired color line. Subtle weave variations create refined texture on a canvas like ground. Scaled for versatility, Fanfare works almost everywhere and is perfect for healthcare, senior living, hospitality, education, corporate and retail environments.

Lavish features an all-over mingling of color to achieve a unique and sophisticated velvet quality in this cleverly engineered fabric. Rich neutrals like Mocha as well as vibrant combinations such as Lagoon create beautifully balanced options throughout the palette. Lavish is a versatile textile and works well as a coordinating texture or stands alone as a classic statement piece.

Reveal is a Crypton action plain in a broad range of colors and provides the perfect coordinating solid to patterns Fanfare and Viewpoint. Colors range from demure (Oyster) to fun and bright (Lipstick). Reveal’s unique surface texture makes it the perfect Crypton fabric for corporate application as well as healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and senior living furniture.

Viewpoint features an Art Deco inspired geometric on a twill ground. A layering of horizontal multi-colored stripes produce lively, fiesta inspired color combinations with clear iterations such as Royal, Crimson and Peacock. Viewpoint creates the illusion of a large-scale textile with its elongated motif and interlocking grid. The design offers versatility in that it can serve as the main attraction or function as a coordinating striae.