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Remember madras shirts, bell bottoms, Little Eva, John Glenn, puffy matelass√© on your grandmother’s couch, Shantung silk, hula hoops, polyester leisure suits? Well sometimes what goes around comes around as trends cycle whether it be fashion, music or design. Such is the case with our recycled polyester collection, “Blast from the past,” featuring seven reasonably¬† priced recycled polyester fabrics.

The Blast from the Past fabrics work well with existing fabrics from the Ecosphere, Elements and Environmental Impact Collections as well as Foundation10. Recyclable, reclaimable, reusable and made in the USA.

Flower Power is characterized by an abstract organic motif on a subtly striped ground. Flower Power offers an architectural approach to “floral” if you will, making it versatile and widely applicable fabric. Colors feature classics such as Ecru, Gold, Jade, Crimson and Sapphire to name a few.

Hoopla, a multi-use fabric, features an interlocking circle motif. A ribbing in the ground adds an extra element of dimension creating a refined look for a reasonable price. Hoopla is perfect for most all commercial interiors. A usable color line offers nice neutrals along with jewel tones like Indigo, Magenta and Ruby for a nicely balanced palette.

Locomotion features an architectural striped grid effect. Good basic colors are trimmed with slightly brighter accents and feature earth tones Bronze, Coral and Earth.

Madras presents a new twist on plaid with its subtle color combinations and refined textural elements. Colors range from soft parchment and Feldspar to vibrant Royal and Sangria. Madras is versatile enough for use in all markets.

Orbit is based on a grid motif composed of oval shaped spheres. Weave interest creates slight texture and therefore a sophisticated look in a reasonably priced fabric. An extensive color line offers many choices for all makers. Some colors such as Aurora and Terra are nicely muted crating a chameleon effect.