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The Archepelagian Abode Collection represents a fusion of multi-cultural design concepts reflection aspects of community, storytelling and hope. This fabric is suitable for all markets including healthcare, hospitality, retail and education.

Because we developed Archepelagian Abode in 100% solution-dyed nylon, these fabrics can be recycled by our yarn supplier into various products instead of going to a landfill after use in the field. INCASE by Crypton was chosen for an environmentally-friendly, stain-resistant finish with non-leaching silver anti-microbial technology

Bungalow is a multi-colored, modernized stripe with interesting textural features giving it a hand-woven appearance and feel. Colors range from subtle blends of neutrals to rich jewels tones and coordinate nicely with Erode and Flock

Canvas is a coordinating texture with an allover linen-like patterning, Canvas is sophisticated yet well priced. An extensive color palette with subtle combinations work with the Archepelagian Abode patterns and also with the Mayer line in general.

Erode features a unique contemporary design influenced by the elements from nature including animal skins, water and rock formations. Available in a broad palette that includes colors such as Eucalyptus, Honeycomb and Shiitake, Erode is a high-performance fabric that makes a strong design statement alone or works well as a coordinate.

Flock is an abstract collage of flora and fauna influenced and inspired by botanical motifs and peacocks. Versatile colors such as Aquamarine, Heather, Bittermint, Primrose and Quill make Flock for any market.

Marrakesh presents a modern-day version of a classic texture woven in a unique solution-dyed nylon boucle construction. Marrakesh is sophisticated yet can go anywhere with versatile neutral colors such as Flax and Truffle as well as rich saturated hues like Lagoon, Midnight and Violet.

Relic features a fabulous, high-performance dimensional plain in a vivid color palette for all interiors. Relic has the quality of a timeless classic and works as a textural coordinate to the patterns in Archepelagian Abode as well as with the Qubit collection.