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Mayer is pleased to launch an exciting new fabric category with an initial offering of three drapery fabrics — Sari, Striae and Bespoke, featuring soft looks in a broad range of colors, a total of 60 sku’s in all. Each of these qualities emulates the look of silk yet each has its own distinctive look in terms of its color story and unique textural characteristics. They are all inherently fire retardant to pass NFPA 701. Drapery fabrics provide the perfect complement to our Seating, Crypton, Vinyl, Faux Leather and Premier upholstery offerings.

Bespoke features a natural look created with an allover slubbing that gives the fabric its refined surface texture. Colors are earthy in hue ranging from Flax to Granite. Bespoke is named for its sophisticated, almost Armani menswear look. Its casual elegance makes it perfect for hospitality, senior living, retail and corporate interiors.

Sari emulates silk dupione with its luminescence and subtle slubbing. A wide array of neutrals and saturated colors offer options for a wide variety of interior application including hospitality, corporate and senior living. Colors are chameleon like in appearance particularly in the neutral range.

Striae is beautifully engineered to create the look of raw silk. Subtle variations in color enhance the fabric’s organic appearance. The overall palette is timeless with complex neutrals Flax and Lace, earth tones Turmeric and Chocolate, and soft spa colors Patina and Cloud. Striae is barely opaque making it even more lustrous and perhaps applicable for sheers as well as drapery.